Special Offer : RailCams.com is now offering free website hosting accounts for those who are interested in setting up a railroad webcam from their home or office. TrainWeb has a limited budget for new RAILcams and we already have a number of locations on our waiting list. However, if you wish to set up a RAILcam yourself, cover all expenses and take care of the equipment yourself, we will be happy to host and promote your railcam images at TrainWeb! The location with a view of the rails has to be one that you yourself own or rent and it has to have easy access to electricity and a phone line. You will need to provide your own computer, camera and telephone, but we will provide the software and instructions on how to set up your RAILcam. We will also design and host the webpage for the RAILcam image. You do not need a dedicated phone line for this purpose if you have or will install DSL or Cable internet access. The RAILcam can even share the use of your own personal home computer if it is powerful enough. Most new computers are. The cost of the camera itself can be anywhere between $30 and $300, depending on how fancy you want to get. For most locations, a camera costing less than $100 will work just fine. If you are still interested in setting up a RAILcam at your location, please e-mail me

For those of you interested in setting up your own webcams, here are a list of companies that provide webcam equipment, technology and services:

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