** RAILcams.com Changes **

Updated: 09/18/2003

Railcams.com has been totally re-design for more user friendly navigation and faster page loading.

Updated: 06/29/2001

The RAILcams.com website has gone through a number of changes, so we strongly suggest that you do not bookmark any individual railcam pages. Your best bet would be to bookmark http://www.RAILcams.com and access the individual railcams from that main index page. All of our railcams except Olympia-Lacey are using the Java Applet feature. The advantage of this new implementation is that your screen will no longer go blank between each update of the image. You will no longer notice the image repaint. Keep an eye on the clock on each image and notice that the clock updates every 10 to 60 seconds, depending on the automatic refresh rate of the particular railcam. If you don't check the changing of the time on the clock, you might think the image is frozen!

The default setting on most web browsers will properly run our new Java Applet implementation without you having to change any settings. If you turned off this feature on your web browser, you will need to re-enable this feature before you can view the railcams. If you have turned off either the Java Script or Java Applet feature or the railcams no longer work in your web browser, then follow the below instructions:

How-to Enable JavaScript & Java Applet :

Internet Explorer ver. 3.0/4.0 :
Go to the View menu and select Options. Click the Security tab and then click the checkbox beside "Run ActiveX scripts" near the bottom of the tab.
Internet Explorer ver. 5.0 & above:
Go to the Tools menu and select Internet Options. Click the Security tab and then click Custom Level. Scroll down the menu listing till you see Scripting. Then click the checkbox beside Active Scripting, Active paste options via script and Scripting of Java Applets.
Netscape Navigator 3:
Go to the Options menu and open Network Preferences. Click the Languages tab and then click the checkbox beside "Enable JavaScript and Enable Java.
Netscape Communicator/Navigator 4:
Go to the Edit Menu and Select Preferences. Click on the Advanced section and then click the checkbox beside Enable JavaScript and Enable Java.

Railcam images viewed since Aug 01, 1998.

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